Thursday, November 1, 2007

I was wrong

Well, I was wrong. The snow melted. I can't believe it. It warmed up enough that even some of the mountains are losing their snow. But it's coming. I won't predict it again, however. LOL

I've attached a lot of pics of Alaska scenery. Some of them look like a forest fire. There is no fire, just the deep pink/orange of a sunset. Hope you enjoy them.

Art was working across the street at a house and this moose was right near him. I just love the pic. And this is a typical scene with the moose in the city of Anchorage. They aren't afraid, so they go wherever they want, which is often right in the middle of town in a development, eating people's fruit trees, etc.... LOL

This moose was in the middle of the road I was travelling on. She didn't want to move until she was ready. I think we sat there for at least 10 minutes, just watching her. I loved it. The girls were bored. LOL

I never get tired of sunrises and sunsets here. They are so beautiful. The following are sunsets. Sunrises are below them.

The following are sunrises.

This is a place I like to go to think. It has many different looks--tide in, tide out, ice 4+ feet thick, ice breaking up. I love it. The mountains beyond it are so gorgeous when the sun is coming up.

The following four pics are the sight Art saw when he went to help a friend hunting. This is the top of the mountain looking from North, South, East, and West.


Friday, October 26, 2007

The snow is here, the snow is here!!!

Yeah! We have 4 inches. It doesn't usually come until around November 1st. So, this is a little early. And it isn't going to go away. The first snows usually melt away before they actually start sticking. Not this one. And I don't have my studded tires on yet. Ugh! Guess what Art gets to do this weekend......LOL You have to have studded tires here. We'll have them until April or May. I'm getting good at turning into a skid. rofl. I've seen people fishtailing all week long when they hit slick spots. Quite entertaining--almost. Thank the Lord for His care. I wish I had my camera so I could post pics. I hope to have a new one by christmas so that I can post new pics.

Hope each of you have a great day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New things to learn

Have you ever studied to teach a lesson to a group of kids only to find out you had more to learn. This past week I taught a lesson on God's holiness and the 10 commandments. The illustration they gave was of three crosses, one for Christ, and two for the thieves. Each cross had a card under it. Christ's said "HOLY". The two thieves cards said "guilty". When the one thief told Christ to remember him when He came into the kindgom and Christ told him that "today you will be with ME in paradise..." the thief's sins were washed away. The guilty card under his cross moved under Christ's cross and the card that said "HOLY" moved under the thief's cross. WOW! What an awesome illustration, and what a gift. As if His dying for my sin wasn't enough He gave me His holiness. In my imperfect state, as sinful as I am, God sees me as holy through His Son. I've known this, but this particular illustration really hit home with me. The reality of it has rung in my heart all week. Because of His holiness being given to me, I'm holy. Makes me want to do everything I can to live as holy a life as I can.

All is well here in Alaska. The snow is about 1/2 way down the mountain still. The flurries cover the rest, but the contrast of evergreens, "falling" leaves, and snow is absolutely lovely.

Art is continuing to work hard. He is gone from home over 13 hours a day. He stays pretty tired. But he still likes what he does.

The girls school is going well. Their first semester classes end this week. I'll try to get some pics and possibly a video of Ashley's rocket from her rocketry class and Ari's mural section from her mural painting class. Allison is doing well in school. She likes having other kids around, but sometimes it's a burden as well. Some of her friends are going to church with us on Wednesdays for Kids4Truth and seem to be enjoying themselves.

Adam is well, and is liking what he does in the military, although he doesn't like the power play that goes on. Please keep him in your prayers. He needs to feel the presence of the Lord in his life at present.

My health is going fairly well. It looks like I'm going to have to have some dental work done, as I've developed a toothache in an old cavity. Yuck! My MS is fairly stable, although the numbness seems to deepen at times and moves from place to place. Weird! Aggravating! But nothing that can't be lived with. Definitely better than a toothache! LOL

Know that we love each of you and pray for you as God brings you to mind. I'm praying for several young people at present who shall remain nameless. Please keep the kids I've worked with in the past in your prayers. Some of them definitely need the Lord.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hello, Everyone! I actually have some time to myself today. I started to say quiet time, but my dog, Emma, is barking continuously because she's kennelled. We are trying to breed her with my friend Heather's papered lab so that we can have puppies to sell right after Christmas. Emma hates being kooped up.

Not much out of the ordinary is happening these days. Just the same old stuff basically. Oh yeah, except this. We went to a birthday party for Heather's son, Jacob, on Saturday. We went early to take Emma, our dog, to meet their dog. Upon pulling into the driveway we saw their neighbor woman pointing her finger vigorously at Heather's husband, Lee. She was also gesturing with her other hand in which she was holding something. It was a stainless Steel 45 magnum. She was waving it around and telling Lee she was going to kill him, his children, and his dogs. She is a crazy woman. All this because their dog, Kodiak (the boy dog), got loose and ran two feet into her yard before Lee got him to heel. The neighbor went berserk. When we pulled in the driveway and saw what was going on, Art made the girls and I stay in the car. Lee just walked away from her and went into the house. She stayed where she was for a minute, walked away, stopped and stared at Art because he was watching her until she got in the house to see what she was going to do. The police were called, and low and behold, there is nothing they could do (so they say). She has the right to bear arms on her own property. (Yeah right-maybe true, but not like that). Her husband is a retired state trooper, and she's a federal security officer at the airport(Does this seem to speak louder than words to you). When Lee called yesterday to request a copy of the police report he was told there was no report, and not to call that particular officer back again. Does something sound fishy, or what. Needless to say, Lee, Heather, and the boys are somewhat afraid to go outside because of this crazy woman, who is getting off scott free after threatening their lives. I tell you this because God is working in my heart. I need to pray God's blessings on this deceived, selfish woman. If God blesses her with Himself, then it will rain down on her neighborhood. I have to admit that I'm finding praying for her (other than for God to "fix" her) somewhat difficult. And yet, it's what we are commanded to do. Please pray for Lee and Heather(and my attitude). They are having a harder time with this than I am because it was their lives that were threatened. I will ask you this question. In which circumstance would you feel safer? Knowing that you lived next to a registered sex offender, or next to an unstable federal officer? I don't want to live next to either, but I think I would feel somewhat safer with the sex offender. At least I would know to watch my back and be on my guard. This was totally unexpected, and frightening. Beware, folks. The devil is alive and well, and is using people's selfishness and wiles to trip us and make us stumble. Sorry if this seems depressing. I just needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for "listening". Pray for the District Attorney. He is supposed to be investigating the situation to see if he can find any foul play on the part of the troopers. Hopefully he'll be more just than the others.

Love to everyone,

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Long time no blog. lol

Hello, everyone. Just a quick note to let you know I'm still in the land of the living. Things have been very busy getting the girls started in school, taking them to their extra curricular sessions at the school, getting Art to work, and everything that we do around here.

Things are going fairly well. We are just about caught up on bills from where Art was out of work. PTL. God has been good. He's given Art extra work right when we need it.

We have been able to put away some halibut and salmon for winter. We've also been given some moose to supplement the freezer. LOL I actually ate bear the other day. It's not my favorite meat, but I definitely wouldn't starve if that was all I had. I like moose much better. I haven't had the nerve to eat moose hotdogs yet. The thought just makes me kind of ill. If you haven't read my cousin's blog lately check out her one on the salami. Makes you think (and change your mind about processed meats). We're having Salmon tonight with green beans, carrots, and corn bread. Yum! Can't wait.

Well, write when you can. Oh yeah, the following site is giving away a pink dyson vacuum cleaner. Just leave a comment and link to their site.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Late night blogging

Hi, Everybody. I can see that I've overwhelmed everyone with the volume of photos I've posted. Sorry about that. I just happened to get them all at the same time. If I put it off then ......two years, no 10 years later I MAY get around to them.

I am a disorganized housewife. Did you know that? If you didn't, you do now. I can organize anything, but keeping it that way is almost impossible for me. So....back to Flylady I go, along with my 3 girls, who are worse than I am. At least I CAN organize when I want to or need to. Please pray for us that this will work to help us become more like the "women/girls" God wants us to be. If you aren't familiar with Flylady you can check out her website from my blog.

My inlaws are leaving tomorrow. They have been here one month. Art was able to complete some projects on their camper so that they have a more effecient and pleasant drive on the way home. Our nephew, Alex, is getting homesick. He told me today he's ready to get home. Pray for safe travels for the Roberts and Alex over the next 10 days.

There's nothing new to tell. Nothing has changed, and not much is going on. I'll keep you all updated.

Love to you all, and goodnight,


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Catching up

Good Morning. Now that I've rested I felt like writing a little bit this morning. It's been a long week. The girls are registered in school. The kids went to the zoo this week with my inlaws. Obviously it's a small zoo compared to the lower 48 zoos. lol Some are fishing for salmon today. Mom Roberts is hoping to get one each of silver and red salmon. Both are good eating.

I am posting the pictures I've been promising this week. Check yesterday's post for the pics of Allison's birthday. Hope you all enjoy!!!

This is our Walmart. It's a regular Walmart, under construction to become Alaska's FIRST super Walmart. Several buildings here have the design of an old time mainstreet feel, with the different shops connected and the boardwalk. It's a nice touch from the regular Walmart's you see.

These pictures are of the mountains on our drive from our house to Walmart. Nice View, huh!

The following pictures are of our church. It's just a small, independent Baptist church just outside the city of Wasilla. We enjoy it.

The following pictures are the views of the mountains when you reach the bottom of our developement. This is what I look at every day!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Allison's birthday pictures

Hello, everyone! Here are the pics we took of Allison on her birthday. She had a great day. I'll post more pics of my area of Alaska tomorrow. Check back in the evening.

Love you all!

Since we didn't officially have her party yet we just made a huge brownie and decorated it. We plan to have a sleep over next week. Pray for me. LOL

Here she is on the climbing rock. She was just about too big to do this anymore. LOL sniff, sniff

This activity was a board with a drawing of a bridge on it. You put the numbered blocks where they fit. Then, you took a small board that was hinged, lifted it up to touch the blocks, and started lifting the board where the blocks were laying. By lifting carefully she caused the blocks to settle and then removed the large board with the drawing, and she had made a bridge. It was cool.

This machine was interesting. You pulled something which caused a flow of air to shoot out at a specific place. There was crepe paper hanging down, and wherever you pointed the machine the air would shoot those particular papers.

Allison had a great time trying to make Big, long bubbles. It was fun watching. I even wanted to get in there, but there were just too many kids.

Allison in the bubble pad. She could only get the bubble to rise up to her knees before it would pop. LOL She tried.

Allison in the Bug Eye Viewer

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Home

Hello, folks! It's been a long day, and I'm tired, but I did want to share my pics of my home and some of Hatcher's Pass with you. Hope you enjoy. Love to you all!

This is my home at the beginning of May. See the snow still near the front of the house? Art had knocked the snow off the roof and that was what was left of the snow for the winter. It was mid-may before it was all gone. lol It's a good thing I like snow and cold weather.

This is my home. It's small, sweet, and to the point, and I love it! I hate the color of the outside, but I don't look at that all day, and someday I will change it. But I love my home.

My dream home. LOL I already have my prince so I'll just have to sing...."someday my dreamhouse will come..."

Hatcher's Pass

Another pic of Hatcher's Pass

Hatcher's Pass. This is mid-April. See how much snow was still on the mountain?

Hatcher's Pass. Look at the blue sky and the blue mountains. Isn't it awesome!

These are the children at church during children's church this past sunday. Our topic was God Is Holy. As a fun thing I had them spell out holy. Using your imagination, I think you might be able to see it. LOL Aren't they cute?

This is our home.

This is our home. Art it adding more cabinets to the kitchen so the big square thing leaning against the front is the piece of granite that is going to be my desk top. It was too heavy for Ashley and I to move to take the picture.