Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Long time no blog. lol

Hello, everyone. Just a quick note to let you know I'm still in the land of the living. Things have been very busy getting the girls started in school, taking them to their extra curricular sessions at the school, getting Art to work, and everything that we do around here.

Things are going fairly well. We are just about caught up on bills from where Art was out of work. PTL. God has been good. He's given Art extra work right when we need it.

We have been able to put away some halibut and salmon for winter. We've also been given some moose to supplement the freezer. LOL I actually ate bear the other day. It's not my favorite meat, but I definitely wouldn't starve if that was all I had. I like moose much better. I haven't had the nerve to eat moose hotdogs yet. The thought just makes me kind of ill. If you haven't read my cousin's blog lately check out her one on the salami. Makes you think (and change your mind about processed meats). We're having Salmon tonight with green beans, carrots, and corn bread. Yum! Can't wait.

Well, write when you can. Oh yeah, the following site is giving away a pink dyson vacuum cleaner. Just leave a comment and link to their site. http://www.5minutesformoms.com