Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Morning, World! It's a lovely day in Alaska. I hope it's a lovely day wherever you are. I am finally feeling like I might live. LOL My cold is getting better. Art made me take garlic cloves 2-3 times a day. Yuck! I never realized garlic was so spicy hot. And I DON'T like it by itself. lol Oh well, it does help, and is better than going to the doctor and having to buy antibiotics.

Pray for Art's business. They are making money but this month is going to be tight. Many people are having financial problems and have to fit in paying the bill to the guys for the work they have done. Otherwise the business is going well. They have lots of work, but they need time to create the inventions they are working on. They are so busy making heating repairs to pay the bills that they don't have time for creating.

The girls are doing well. It's exciting to see them grow into lovely ladies for the Lord.

I guess that's all for today. Hope it's filled with blessings from the Lord for all.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

More pics of my grandbaby. He's a keeper.

Here are a few more pics. There's one of Braeden smiling. One of Adam, Christina, and Braeden. One of my other "son". He's not our birth son but the son of our hearts, Mark-his wife Cindy, and their children Callie and Brock. There are a few others as well. Hope you enjoy them.
Love you!

I'm baaaaccccccckkkkkkkkk!!!!!

Good Heavens! I'm way behind on the blog stuff. Hello everyone. Long time no write! Sorry for that. I just get busy and truthfully--forget. The old gray mare ain't what she used to be.

My grandbaby arrived on election day. He is doing beautifully. I'm so proud of him. He is starting to smile and is absolutely precious. But then, you can see that for yourself. We feel so blessed. Our daughter-in-law, Christina, is back at work and adjusting to taking Braeden to daycare. Christina works in the medical division of the Air Force Base where they are stationed. Adam is still working in the nuclear division and is making a name for himself as senior airman. We are proud of him.

The girls are continuing in homeschool. Like last year we find ourselves a little behind and running to catch up. Praise the Lord for the school we are registered through who has been such a wonderful support for us. Arianna dislocated her knee on December 22, 2008. Needless to say, that made for an interesting Christmas for us. God blessed us with a good Christmas and we were all healthy and together. What better gift could we have asked for.

My mother has retired. After many year in the banking system she is now able to stay at home again. I'm sure that after she gets caught up on all her housework she will need to find a new hobby. LOL You all probably know about having to do that. I know my daddy is thrilled to have her at home with him.

Art has started his new business with a fellow christian. They are called Intelligent Design, LLC. They make machinery to fit the needs of companies. At present they are doing lots of heat repairs and installations. Tis the season. That is keeping food on the table and bills paid. They desire to serve the Lord with their business and the profits that are made. Pray for them as they work hard to build this company and bring God much glory in the process.

I think that's about all that's new. We wish each of you a wonderful 2009. May God bless you and make Himself known to each of you in a new way every day.