Thursday, November 1, 2007

I was wrong

Well, I was wrong. The snow melted. I can't believe it. It warmed up enough that even some of the mountains are losing their snow. But it's coming. I won't predict it again, however. LOL

I've attached a lot of pics of Alaska scenery. Some of them look like a forest fire. There is no fire, just the deep pink/orange of a sunset. Hope you enjoy them.

Art was working across the street at a house and this moose was right near him. I just love the pic. And this is a typical scene with the moose in the city of Anchorage. They aren't afraid, so they go wherever they want, which is often right in the middle of town in a development, eating people's fruit trees, etc.... LOL

This moose was in the middle of the road I was travelling on. She didn't want to move until she was ready. I think we sat there for at least 10 minutes, just watching her. I loved it. The girls were bored. LOL

I never get tired of sunrises and sunsets here. They are so beautiful. The following are sunsets. Sunrises are below them.

The following are sunrises.

This is a place I like to go to think. It has many different looks--tide in, tide out, ice 4+ feet thick, ice breaking up. I love it. The mountains beyond it are so gorgeous when the sun is coming up.

The following four pics are the sight Art saw when he went to help a friend hunting. This is the top of the mountain looking from North, South, East, and West.