Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Sunday School Class had a great lesson today. We were talking about Solomon finishing the temple and having everything moved in. After it was done, the priests, Levites, and people all played instruments, trumpets, sang "For the Lord is good. His mercy endures forever." Then a cloud came into the temple, all became silent, and the presence of God filled the place and His glory shone. WOW! Do you realize that when we come before the Lord to worship Him sincerely, with all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind, that the same thing happens. The Presence of God fills us and His glory shines out for all to see. How often do I sing praise songs, hymns, and such just because everyone else is doing it. If I don't mean it from the depths of my soul then God gets nothing-no glory, no praise, and no love shown. BUT, if I am truly sincere in my love, adoration, and worship of the Lord......untold blessings to myself and others. I won't have to tell anyone. They will know!

Precious! Thank You Lord, for all Your mercies, and Your love for us which allows us to show You our adoration and worship of You.