Thursday, November 1, 2007

I was wrong

Well, I was wrong. The snow melted. I can't believe it. It warmed up enough that even some of the mountains are losing their snow. But it's coming. I won't predict it again, however. LOL

I've attached a lot of pics of Alaska scenery. Some of them look like a forest fire. There is no fire, just the deep pink/orange of a sunset. Hope you enjoy them.

Art was working across the street at a house and this moose was right near him. I just love the pic. And this is a typical scene with the moose in the city of Anchorage. They aren't afraid, so they go wherever they want, which is often right in the middle of town in a development, eating people's fruit trees, etc.... LOL

This moose was in the middle of the road I was travelling on. She didn't want to move until she was ready. I think we sat there for at least 10 minutes, just watching her. I loved it. The girls were bored. LOL

I never get tired of sunrises and sunsets here. They are so beautiful. The following are sunsets. Sunrises are below them.

The following are sunrises.

This is a place I like to go to think. It has many different looks--tide in, tide out, ice 4+ feet thick, ice breaking up. I love it. The mountains beyond it are so gorgeous when the sun is coming up.

The following four pics are the sight Art saw when he went to help a friend hunting. This is the top of the mountain looking from North, South, East, and West.



Happymama said...

Those were great pictures! The sky shots are beautiful. That's funny to see a moose in a yard. I don't know...only in Alaska, right?

Love ya,

Angela Roberts said...

LOL I never catch them in my yard, although I know they've been there. Their poop is like pecans, and it's not squishy like you'd think. It's dry, like grass. (No, I haven't picked it up and tried it Believe it or not, some people pick up the pellets, let them dry a little more, spray a clear coat of paint on them, and make earrings out of them. The stores can't keep them in stock because they are a novelty. I have a friend who made them last year and the demand out did the number she could produce easily. rofl I love looking at moose, though. They are really awesome creatures. But they can be dangerous as well. And they have no fear, and will walk right out in front of vehicles and boom, there goes your car, and sometimes your life. And what a mess. They have a road kill list here where people sign up and get a call when a moose is hit. They go get it, call their list of 15 people, and they all share the meat. You'd think the person who's car was just trashed would at least get the meat, but NO.....Lol Oh well, it works. There's a lot of that around here. Glad you enjoyed the pics. Art went hunting again yesterday and was thankful to arrive back home alive. They didn't get off the mountain before dark and it was so steep that when they stood up they could reach straight out and touch the mountain. I'm thankful today!!!!

Love you bunches, Cous!

Chyrll said...

Beautiful pictures!
Thank you for entering my Winter Giveaway.

Happymama said...

Moose poop earrings, huh? Again, only in Alaska. ROFL

Love you too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy & Phil Meigs-
Always nice to hear and read your Blogs.
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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Since we are leaving for our four work- mission- projects right after Thanksgiving,we are sending off our annual message to you now.

We completed our last winter’s work- mission- projects at Adrian,Ga. Samson,Ala., & Talladega, Ala.. It was good to renew friendships where we had worked before and go to new places, too.

We arrived back at 1480 the end of March and, of course, we had to get our vegetable garden all planted!.

We’ve enjoyed good fellowship on Tuesday mornings golfing with the Walshs. Nancy is Philip’s caddy.

The canoe fits fine into the back of our truck for our jaunts fishing up at Turon’s lake in West Farmington.

We had a nice family get-together over Memorial Day at Greg and Sherri’s home and celebrated our 51st anniversary. We planned a trip in October to honor that special occasion and spent a week in Southern Ireland and then a week crossing the Atlantic on board the Queen Mary 2.

The day we left on our trip, October 5th, we became great-grandparents to little Emberlyn, who was born to our oldest grand- daughter, Alicia.

Now we are looking forward to our family Thanksgiving gathering at Lauri’s in Roanoke, Va..We’ll drive on from there to our four work- mission- projects in Ga.,Fla.and Ala..

We wish you all a year ahead filled with good health and many blessings and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

With Love,

Nancy & Philip

Happymama said...

HEY! I lost your email. Can you email me, please, so I can snag it?

Love ya lots!