Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New things to learn

Have you ever studied to teach a lesson to a group of kids only to find out you had more to learn. This past week I taught a lesson on God's holiness and the 10 commandments. The illustration they gave was of three crosses, one for Christ, and two for the thieves. Each cross had a card under it. Christ's said "HOLY". The two thieves cards said "guilty". When the one thief told Christ to remember him when He came into the kindgom and Christ told him that "today you will be with ME in paradise..." the thief's sins were washed away. The guilty card under his cross moved under Christ's cross and the card that said "HOLY" moved under the thief's cross. WOW! What an awesome illustration, and what a gift. As if His dying for my sin wasn't enough He gave me His holiness. In my imperfect state, as sinful as I am, God sees me as holy through His Son. I've known this, but this particular illustration really hit home with me. The reality of it has rung in my heart all week. Because of His holiness being given to me, I'm holy. Makes me want to do everything I can to live as holy a life as I can.

All is well here in Alaska. The snow is about 1/2 way down the mountain still. The flurries cover the rest, but the contrast of evergreens, "falling" leaves, and snow is absolutely lovely.

Art is continuing to work hard. He is gone from home over 13 hours a day. He stays pretty tired. But he still likes what he does.

The girls school is going well. Their first semester classes end this week. I'll try to get some pics and possibly a video of Ashley's rocket from her rocketry class and Ari's mural section from her mural painting class. Allison is doing well in school. She likes having other kids around, but sometimes it's a burden as well. Some of her friends are going to church with us on Wednesdays for Kids4Truth and seem to be enjoying themselves.

Adam is well, and is liking what he does in the military, although he doesn't like the power play that goes on. Please keep him in your prayers. He needs to feel the presence of the Lord in his life at present.

My health is going fairly well. It looks like I'm going to have to have some dental work done, as I've developed a toothache in an old cavity. Yuck! My MS is fairly stable, although the numbness seems to deepen at times and moves from place to place. Weird! Aggravating! But nothing that can't be lived with. Definitely better than a toothache! LOL

Know that we love each of you and pray for you as God brings you to mind. I'm praying for several young people at present who shall remain nameless. Please keep the kids I've worked with in the past in your prayers. Some of them definitely need the Lord.



Happymama said...

Hey girl! I would love to see some more beautiful pictures of the Alaska scenery and also your girl's rockets and murals! Ari and I would have SO much fun doing murals together. I LOVE to paint!!!
I'll pray for Adam. Yes, there is much power play in the military!
And the illustration you gave of Christ becoming guilty so we could become holy is beautiful.


Sally said...

Good for people to know.