Wednesday, July 11, 2007

God is good!

Hello!!! What a beautiful morning it is. LOL I should say "afternoon".

I've been reading Don Piper's book 90 Minutes in Heaven this morning. What an awesome testimony. I've already learned some important lessons. 1) Don't forget that just because you minister to people doesn't mean that you can't let them minister to you. 2) You rob people of their blessing by not allowing them to minister. 3) God does have a purpose in everything, even when you didn't think you had any lessons to learn. I'm not through with the book yet, but it's well worth reading. I've cried many times over the simple things that God is showing me.

My inlaws are due in this weekend. I'm not sure exactly how long they might be staying. They are bringing their camper and have the rest of July and most of August slated for Alaska. I pray that we can have enough interesting things for them to do that they enjoy the Alaskan experience. I believe they are going on a trip through the Glaciers, which will be an awesome event for them. We are going halibut fishing at the end of the month. (That will be an awesome event for us all.) I WANT to catch a halibut, just for the experience. We plan on going to Hatcher's pass the first weekend they are here. They are bringing our nephew, Alex, with them. He's 13 and is looking forward to spending time with Ari. They have much in common as they both like to read. I'll try to send pics as I get them. I'm not as good at taking pics as my cousin is, but I'll try. Kris takes pictures of everything. It's so awesome to see the history of her blog moments.

Well, folks, God is so awesome. I just had to say that. Not for any special reason except that it's TRUE!

Love to you all,

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Happymama said...

Hi Angela! Thanks again for another nice blog plug. LOL By the way, I like the pictures down your sidebar. Adam looks so young, even in his uniform. But very handsome! ;)

Love ya,