Monday, July 30, 2007

Lessons learned

Do you ever have "one of those days"? Last night Art and I went to bed around 10:00pm. Art has been exhausted these days. The 13+hours he's away from home are telling on him a little. I keep telling him he's just getting old. LOL

Anyway, the girls finished watching a Feature Family film around 11:00. That's when the "day" began. It had all run smoothly until then. Ashley's bed, which she now shares with Arianna, fell. It's an old bed. My dad's parents bought it for them when they got married about 46 years ago. I think the bed is almost beyond repair. Sniff, sniff. The worst part of this, besides the bed being broken and the girls fighting about it was that the camera I just gave Ashley a few weeks ago, which has been lost for a week, was somehow under the bed when it fell. And you can guess the rest........broken!!! To say I was upset was an understatement. I had taken good care of that camera for over a year and in two weeks of giving it away it was broken. Thank goodness Art came out and saved the day. He gave Ashley the hug she needed, let her cry, and kept me from having to say something good (which I didn't feel) at the moment when I was so upset with her. After sending her to bed I went back to bed and stewed over the situation a little. This morning, I have a little different perspective. How often does God give us "things" because He wants us to have something we want or just gives us a blessing, and we lose it or forget where we put it (theoretically speaking). Then, something happens and we end up having wasted what He gave us. How does He feel? Praise His name, He doesn't quit giving us things and beat us over the head with our mistakes (we do that good enough on our own). He loves us and works us through situations taking care of them for us and teaching us in the process to trust Him more, love Him more, and ask Him to continue to teach us how to be more like Him. So now, how do I use this lesson not only in my life but in my daughter's? By loving her more and teaching her that she can trust me with not only the situations, but with herself more each day. Thank God for giving me this example I need to be more like Him.

It's a beautiful day. It's 6:41am. Art has been fed, coffeed (lol), and is on his way to work complete with cell phone, lunch, and everything else he needed. I have been up for one hour and feel pretty good today in spite of a short night. It looks like it's going to be a great day, inside and out. My inlaws return today sometime. They seem to have had a great time. I believe they went on a short day cruise, which was something they wanted to do when they got here.

Take care, my friends, and comment back when you have time.

Love to you all,

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Happymama said...

Angie, that's a great life lesson with a spiritual application. I'm glad you shared it.

Hope Art gets some rest soon. 13 hours away from the house is a long work day!

Love ya,