Monday, July 16, 2007


Good Morning! It's another LOVELY day! The sun is shining, and all is well.

My in-laws have arrived. Our nephew, Alex, is with them and the girls are enjoying his company. He and Arianna get along famously. I'll try to put pictures online later. I gave Ashley my digital camera for her birthday, so I have to get creative. LOL In other words, I have to cajole her into letting me borrow it back for a few.

We are still in the remodelling process of our house. We pulled out the carpet that was throughout the main rooms this weekend. The previous owners had dogs that definitely messed up the carpets. The smell is much better since getting it out. Now to get the money for the flooring. We have part of it, and should be able to finish the living room area by the first of August. Yippee! It is turning out to be a beautiful home. I love it.

No other new news. We will be busy for the next several weeks, showing our family around. I'll try to update as often as possible.



Happymama said...

Hey! Have fun with the family! Be sure to take before and after pics of your floor. Would love to see the finished product.

Love ya,

Nanny said...

Hello Angie,
Glad you sent me a comment. Glad to know all is well.
Is that your oldest son in his uniform. What a looker he has turned out to be.
I pray that God will protect him wherever he is at this time and that he will always remember what God has done for him and can bring others to the Lord.
I agree with Kristi, take the before and after pictures and send them in your blog.
Love you,
Aunt Janice, better known to you as Nanny.

A Note From Theresa said...

"The previous owners had dogs that definitely messed up the carpets."

I hate carpet, if I ever had a house to remodel, I would have all hard floors, no carpet ;-)

Like your blog, feel free to visit mine any time.

Theresa in Texas.