Friday, August 10, 2007

Allison's birthday pictures

Hello, everyone! Here are the pics we took of Allison on her birthday. She had a great day. I'll post more pics of my area of Alaska tomorrow. Check back in the evening.

Love you all!

Since we didn't officially have her party yet we just made a huge brownie and decorated it. We plan to have a sleep over next week. Pray for me. LOL

Here she is on the climbing rock. She was just about too big to do this anymore. LOL sniff, sniff

This activity was a board with a drawing of a bridge on it. You put the numbered blocks where they fit. Then, you took a small board that was hinged, lifted it up to touch the blocks, and started lifting the board where the blocks were laying. By lifting carefully she caused the blocks to settle and then removed the large board with the drawing, and she had made a bridge. It was cool.

This machine was interesting. You pulled something which caused a flow of air to shoot out at a specific place. There was crepe paper hanging down, and wherever you pointed the machine the air would shoot those particular papers.

Allison had a great time trying to make Big, long bubbles. It was fun watching. I even wanted to get in there, but there were just too many kids.

Allison in the bubble pad. She could only get the bubble to rise up to her knees before it would pop. LOL She tried.

Allison in the Bug Eye Viewer

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Happymama said...

The bug eye viewer pic was funny. Looks like she had a great time. And that brownie looked yummy!