Saturday, August 11, 2007

Catching up

Good Morning. Now that I've rested I felt like writing a little bit this morning. It's been a long week. The girls are registered in school. The kids went to the zoo this week with my inlaws. Obviously it's a small zoo compared to the lower 48 zoos. lol Some are fishing for salmon today. Mom Roberts is hoping to get one each of silver and red salmon. Both are good eating.

I am posting the pictures I've been promising this week. Check yesterday's post for the pics of Allison's birthday. Hope you all enjoy!!!

This is our Walmart. It's a regular Walmart, under construction to become Alaska's FIRST super Walmart. Several buildings here have the design of an old time mainstreet feel, with the different shops connected and the boardwalk. It's a nice touch from the regular Walmart's you see.

These pictures are of the mountains on our drive from our house to Walmart. Nice View, huh!

The following pictures are of our church. It's just a small, independent Baptist church just outside the city of Wasilla. We enjoy it.

The following pictures are the views of the mountains when you reach the bottom of our developement. This is what I look at every day!

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Happymama said...

I'm just amazed that you get to see those beautiful mountains everyday. Don't ever take it for granted.

Just so you'll know, we're dealing with 105-108 degree weather here. Of course, we do have a/c. *sigh*

Take a pic of Wal Mart when it's completed. I'd like to see how they revamp that building.

Love you,